8 Magic Music Moments From Sound Ceremony 01 Artists

This Saturday, the first one of 2016,  Never Normal brings a new night of music culture to Trans Pecos for Sound Ceremony 01. Curator of the night, Suzi Analogue shared this about the event:

This will be for original music makers from all over: women & men, together in one space to play their new work . Live music coming from Brooklyn, Jersey, Harlem, D.C., Oakland, Philly, Chicago and other great music cities will be featured on a gender-inclusive line up.

Here’s a key guide to the must-have new music from the artists on Sound Ceremony 01’s diverse line-up to get you ready for the night.

  1. Ezrakh

    In 2015, the Jersey  DJ/Multi-instrumentalist showed that he can run laps around Jersey Club with his THREAD movement. Ezrakh smoothly switches from the classic Jersey club sound, to his more soulful efforts on his newly released mixtape “Present” featuring a gang of new self-produced tracks, and even a collab with crooner Iman Omari.

  2. Isis Swaby   isisswaby

    Reigning from Harlem, with deep roots in Jamaica, Isis Swaby is busy creating her own world of sound. The daughter of dub music legend Augustus Pablo, she innovates on her own terms, following her father’s way of originality. In between touring Europe, and launching a line of Kangol hats under Augustus Pablo’s “Rockers International” label, Isis found time to craft a self-produced EP this year called “Naked Lunch“.

  3. Nappy Nappa  

    Have you heard of Mumbo Sauce? It’s a super tangy sauce made for chicken, only found in the heart of the hood Chinese “carryouts”  in Washington D.C. Nappy Nappa, the self-proclaimed “Mumbo Sauce Prince” represents the youth street culture of D.C. to the fullest, but something about his aesthetic style and his sound rings unarguably international (and refreshing). This year Nappa released his newest tape Solbiato Sports EP.


  4. G.L.A.M. 

    Music from the Bay Area tends to bring artists that effortlessly go against the grain. This is a fact for rapper/producer G.L.A.M., a young Oakland artist on the rise, now making it happen in NYC. With looks from everywhere including XXL and  BET’s former 106 & Park, G.L.A.M.’s sound proves she’s a heavy hitter with the rhymes and beats.


  5. Langston Black

    Image: Bloodhound NY

    Langston Black has been steadily pushing the Brooklyn underground with his handpicked line-ups this year at The Sound Chamber. The producer, and 1/2 of the Bloodhound NY Collective released his newest instrumental tape called “Limited Visibility” on cassette, and is keeping the soul alive with his hip-hop laced slaps.

  6. Night Doll 

    Ever since she made NYC her headquarters, Night Doll has used her sonic charms to bring many a dance floor to life. Originally a staple of the Philly club scene, under the name Ghostpvnch, this dj and emerging producer fuses world music and fashion so naturally, it’s no wonder where the name comes from. The official selector for Sound Ceremony 01, her fire blends always unites the crowd.


  7. (and 8) DJ Earl + Suzi Analogue as “WORKFLOWW”

    Photo Ryan Snyder

    Since connecting, DJ Earl (Teklife) and Suzi Analogue, creator of Never Normal, have been setting up to push music to new levels. Two champions of a big underground electronic sound, they have been collaborating on original music together under the name Workfloww, and you can only imagine the blends these two will bring, debuting a new live set at Sound Ceremony 01. Check out Earl’s remix of Suzi’s “Smoke” for starters.

    Sound Ceremony 01 goes down in NYC 1.2.16 at Trans Pecos (915 Wyckoff). 10PM, All Ages Show.

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