5 Songs To Motivate Your Mind

We’re 1 month into 2016, and steadily hearing new music to get excited about and stay motivated to. It’s hard to stay on top of it all, so we made you a top 5 of motivating music getting rotation in our area. Press play, and get one step closer to world takeover.

1.IndigoChildRick – What Did You Say

It’s easy to channel your inner turn up with this track from Miami’s IndigoChildRick. The early 2000’s Florida booty bass influence hits you as a surprise after the first 40 seconds, and it makes us want to dance as soon as it hits; doubling with a hook that challenges listeners, full of hip-hop rawness. It’s free to download, keep an eye out for him and his artistic direction, it’s modern, intriguing and clean cut.

2. Sirr Tmo –  Make Love To Me (Rick James Flip)


Teklife’s Sirr Tmo is starting to share more tracks, and that’s a good thing. Really good actually, as he navigates this Rick James flip with an intensity that instantly raises our heartbeats. Who isn’t motivated by Rick James’ commanding vocal “Make Love To Me”, laid out in the classic footwork flow. Playing this one again, like right now.

3. Ducky – Work (Kieran RMXXX)


Friend of NN, Ducky has been working hard making things happen in her new base Los Angeles. Becoming a powerhouse of new jams, Ducky collaborated with other producers to release remixes to her single  “Work” , and this hybrid club remix by Kieran is one of our favorites; touching on all of the underground club sounds we love. Ducky proclaims in the hook: “you don’t have to like me/but you will respect my skill” – just the motivation we need.

4. Linafornia – Wettt

The first official release from LA’s Linafornia on Dome Of Doom Records “Yung”,  has tracks like “Wetttt” that grab you and motivate an immediate vibe out session – much needed to navigate a stressful day to day. Full of warm soul samples like this one, Linafornia has the sunshine-filled beats game down pat.

5. Teek Hollins – Car Music

This song is so fun. A discovery from listening to random tracks on Souncloud – it was a delight to come by – but what stands out is that Teek Hollins is a young woman totally owning the male-dominated trap style.  She has some cool danceable tracks that we can only imagine would be cool to bump in the whip. Looking to hear more from her.

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