New Tapes Out: Devonwho & Swarvy Put Sounds To Color

Out of nowhere today, two colorful new tapes appeared from the West: Devonwho’s “Lyon” and Swarvy’s “Elderberry”. Released as singles on Los Angeles label Leaving Records, both songs have their own distinct sound.

Starting with with Devonwho’s “Lyon”, a favorite tune since it mysteriously popped up on Soundcloud last summer. If you’re new to the electronic funk that is Devonwho, he is best described via the Stones Throw site:

His long-standing seed in the modern beat-maker scene is credited by the formation of the Klipmode collective with Knxwledge, Mndsgn, and Suzi Analogue back in 2009.

True to the beat-culture sound, but with his own codeine-like chords, Devonwho hits hard with “Lyon”. The track creeps along but even at that speed, still yearns to get that replay – which makes it a good thing that Devon will be dropping a full length project in 2016.

Swarvy, a featured artist on NN-03 “Love Affairz V.1” comes with some multi-instrumental heat on “Spam Grease”. A simple whirling piano melody and tight loop of live drums that requires instant head nodding to the beat.

Grab the tapes and singles over on the Stones Throw, (with artwork done by our friend Chris Hund/ Paxico Records) and have a nice Wednesday in case no one else told you that today.

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