Suzi Analogue Starts A Video Countdown To ZONEZ

Who said video count downs were a thing of the past? Yesterday, NN’s own Suzi Analogue announced a daily countdown of new music dropping every day this week from her upcoming release ZONEZ V.2, coming on 8.16.16 – which also happens to be her birthday. Each of the songs in the countdown include a video of “moods” that she has envisioned for the music – as she shared with ZONEZ V.1:

the songs are scored to my real life.

The first track, GURL SWEATSHIRT, shared yesterday on Soundcloud is a hard hitting nod to her roots in hip-hop, blended with notions of  futuristically-driven sound. Today, she brings a fresh club vibe with #000000 NN Da Club.

We can only imagine the next round of tracks Suzi has up her sleeve. BUT, if you live on the west coast, you might be lucky enough to catch her play the new music live soon. Check below for Suzi’s upcoming tour dates, and stay tuned for more ZONEZ.

Suzi Analogue Upcoming Dates

8.14 – Seattle, WA  CUSTOMS x Day Shift Party | Ciudad

8.17 – Los Angeles, CA  Low End Theory | The Airliner

8.19 – NYC | Boiler Room Live

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