Hear A New ‘Synthesize Love’ Playlist For Moogfest Curated By Suzi Analogue


Moogfest, the 4-day electronic-music festival, held in Durham NC on May 18-21st, is an extension of the legendary Moog Synthesizer company. Moogfest is back this year with more cutting edge programming and music announcements that are steadily being revealed each week.

In Wave 6 of announcements, it was revealed that VHVL  and Suzi Analogue would score the film ‘No Moon No Man‘ which debuted at our final Sound Ceremony of last year. The live scoring is a part of Moogfest’s ‘Live Score’ program that also will include musicians like Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, the composers of the music for Stranger Things.

To celebrate the upcoming festival, Moog has invited guest-curators to create playlists of music that inspires them. This week, Suzi Analogue joins in as a guest curator for the Synthesize Love playlist.

Suzi shares info on the curated tracks:

The goal of the playlist was to broaden the scope of what ‘electronic music’ is perceived as.

Tune into the Synthesize Love playlist on Spotify, and stay tuned for more announcements on Moogfest.

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