Tite Moments: Suzi Analogue Scores Chromat Runway S/S18 Serenity NYFW Show Live

For Chromat‘s Spring/Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week collection, Suzi Analogue live scored and performed an original soundtrack – filled with sounds from ZONEZ and more.  The show’s runway featured some of the most diverse models of NYFW.

Analogue’s carefully constructed, bass-heavy soundscape features her live vocals over a mix of original tracks and remixes from songs mostly by femme-identifying artists, and she says she pieced this together using an Iceland-inspired mood board given by Chromat designer Becca McCharen-Tran. From these images of metallic, reflective forms and lava, Analogue conceived of her original composition as an extended metaphor that links a woman’s emerging confidence to the cycle of a volcano: One’s knowledge of oneself builds until it erupts, just as lava pours from the mouth of a volcano, and this newly empowered self solidifies in the same manner as lava hardens into a new form. – VOGUE Magazine

Here’s an Instant Photo Journal & tite moments from behind the scenes of the runway show, as shared by Suzi.

Watch The S/S18 Runway Show With Suzi’s Live Soundtrack Here.

Stay tuned for more news on the S/S18 Runway Mix.

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