MULTIPLYYY (The Never Normal Soundsystem Remixes)

HEAVEE, NO EYES, Suzi Analogue, Queens D. Light

  • Release 2018
  • Genre Footwork, Electronic

After the original recording MULTIPLYYY made waves when it premiered on Red Bull Radio, now it returns in a new way  with 2 new remixed versions come from Atlanta electronic producer NO EYES (Never Normal) and Chicago’s HEAVEE (Teklife/Never Normal Soundsystem). These are the debut remixes from the Never Normal Soundsystem Collective, the core artist group of Never Normal.

The MULTIPLYYY remix collaboration is an anthem for unity and came to be as the collective has evolved. The tracks’ message is not only an empowered call for women, but the remixes represent how women, men and all genders can work more together in the music community to help realize one another and inspire one another as the creative climate continues to shift towards the future.