9 Magic Music Moments From Sound Ceremony 02 Artists

Sound Ceremony is back this week in NYC, and the night will be stacked with music magic from start to finish. As always, we’re keeping it diverse AF when it comes to performances. Just for you, we made a guide of 9 Magic Music Moments from Sound Ceremony 02 artists that you won’t want to miss this Thursday.

1.Quelle Chris

If you’re just turning into Quelle Chris, you might as well take the next week off from work, because he’s got a whole arsenal of released work for you to dive into – consider it a sonic vacation.  One of the most prolific and creative emcees of today, Quelle’s style is truly free. Hailing from Detroit, Quelle’s raw raps and Motown loops  carry the soul and swing of his Detroit fellows, most notably J Dilla. But it’s Quelle’s comedic, ‘anti-serious while still talking about deep stuff’ tone that draws your ears in closer, listen after listen. He’s a 1 of 1. Check out his video gems, this one is called Super F*ck.


Teklife has grown to become an important family in modern music history. Of course they get the clubs cracking effortlessly at parties worldwide, that’s known. But the beauty of each member of Teklife is that they each have their own ear, style, and bring out different vibes with their individual music. HEAVEE’s sound is a great representation of that quality, keeping the bangers on 100, but defining his own sound track after track. Get into his Soundcloud, and classic jam “It’s Wack” in collaboration with the late great DJ Rashad on GTA V soundtrack. Coming to us live from Chicago, we’re glad to bring HEAVEE back to NYC.

3. Sporting Life

If we’re talking forward thinking producers, Sporting Life has to make your list. The beats behind the sound of the punk hip-hop outfit RATKING, Sporting is definitely “a head”.  Yet, his standout production fuses all types of hot music, bringing you closer and closer into the abstract of his musical mind. He recently dropped his own tape, 55 5s, and it knocks.  His live experience is something to look forward to.

4. Suzi Analogue

Back again, playing her own set this Thursday, we have NN’s own Suzi Analogue. Beats: she makes those. Songs: she sings those. Dances: she does those. The super diverse young lady always comes to excite. Her sound, brings you into high energy vortex of soulful synth and bass that your body can’t help vibrating to. That’s just the magic of Suzi Analogue – connecting those freeing feelings all into one single moment.

5. Zenizen

We’re pretty sure Zenizen has played at least 1,000 shows last year in NYC. Becoming a live staple in New York venues isn’t easy, but Zenizen makes it sound beautiful. The rotating band, mostly comprised of Opal Hoyt and Phil Salisbury is what modern soul music needs right now.


6.  Sonnymoon

When you need your daily dose of top notch psychedelic soul infused with R&B who you gonna call? Sonnymoon, that’s who. It’s always great to hear them recorded or live. The duo, Anna Wise & Dane Orr are are fresh off of a residency in Brooklyn, so we’re looking forward to what they have in store.

7. Night Doll

The doll herself held the music down at Sound Ceremony 01 down properly, so she had to make a return. We hear that she’s dropping some of her own productions soon, and can’t wait to hear more. DJ Earl dropped a preview in his “Collage 001” Mix. Night Doll track ends the mix off proper.


8. DJ Earl

It’s his birthday! Well, Thursday night it will be. DJ Earl is celebrated for his hard hitting imaginative sound, but is a true to life player in the Teklife crew.  We can’t wait to see what this year brings for DJ Earl. His music proves to be instantly infectious, and he will be blessing friends, fam and fans with a set at his own birthday – that’s just boss.


9. DJ Mel Gibson

1/2 of Teklife’s Tripletrain, DJ Mel Gibson has been holding down the Teklife sound in NYC for the worldwide sound family. Not only that, but he is the creator of skylinesesions.tv, an online stream of live dj acts with crazy 3D backgrounds. We’re feelin it.

Sound Ceremony 02 goes down 2/4/16 8pm $8 tomorrow at Trans-Pecos, NYC. Get tickets here.

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