Suzi Analogue – Su Casa EP

Suzi Analogue

  • Release 2020
  • Genre Electronic, Dance, R&B

SU CASA EP features Suzi Analogue’s new, undaunted electronic compositions, soulful observations, and energizing vocal tracks as she pulls together her warpspeed timespan in 2020 after abruptly ending international touring to quarantine home in Miami where she draws together her global encounters and of her recent ZONEZ World Tour that spanned music festivals in Africa, Asia, Europe, UK & more.

Suzi Analogue · SU CASA EP (2020)

Musically set to harmonic high-speed polyrhythms of her boundless production styles, powered by the MOOG Synthesizers Subharmonicon, SU CASA is made from the home of Suzi’s creative universe meant to uplift and motivate in yours. Released by Never Normal Records.