Heavee is a producer and DJ raised within Chicago’s rich inner-city culture. As a youth, Heavee found his calling in dance music culture, becoming inspired by Chicago’s Juke and Footwork music. This early fascination made it possible for some of his first productions to grace video games like Sony Playstation 2’s “Digital Hitz Factory” in 2005, though he was only a teen. For Heavee, exciting musical beginnings have led to a now 10 year journey in music production.

After Meeting DJ Rashad And DJ Spinn in 2009, Heavee made collaborating with The TEKLIFE Collective his primary musical focus and has toured with the international crew everywhere from NYC to Los Angeles, most recently releasing his debut record with the collective W4M. Notably, Heavee landed a collaboration with DJ Rashad entitled “IT’S WACK” on the video game Grand Theft Auto V via Flying Lotus’ curated Flylo FM on the game. His strong vocal becoming the track’s memorable trademark is a nod to the effect that Heavee lends to his world of production. Moving forward with his sonic inspiration ever-growing, expect some truly knockout releases in the future from the young heavyweight.

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