9 Tracks: Women With Fire Bars

Despite having less visibility, there are amazing female-identified MCs across the globe – and they spit heat. The spoken word of women is just as important in the rap game, and it’s a privilege to hear them share their experiences, attitude, and perspective in hip-hop. To wrap up this Women’s History Month, we rounded up a tight list of  9 classic and modern songs written by women emcees with head rocking verses that should be in your rotation. Make sure you run that back!

1.Lauryn Hill- How Many Mics (1996)

I get mad frustrated when I rhyme, thinkin of all the kids that try to do this for all the wrong reasons/ Seasons change, mad things rearrange, but it all stays the same like the love Dr.Strange/ I’m tamed like the rapper, get wet like a snapper when they do that/ Got ya whole block sayin true that! If only they knew that…

2. Lin Que – Let It Fall (1995)

Uhh, now we got nutcrackers, body snatchers, and heart attackers/Mine the three combined, plus other tactics/ I kick more flips, than acrobatics/ So your plastic, couldn’t get one charge to my dramatics…

3. Little Simz- Guess Who (2015)

I see more than what they can’t teach/ Don’t cry bump ya head to my beats / Sh*ts weird / Sh*ts f*cked but it’s vibey/ Might do what can’t be done / Might sing what can’t be sung / Might walk the catwalk for fun / Might not / Might roll a blunt / Don’t box me in….

4.Jungle Pussy- NAH (2015)

You can’t fake real/ I’m eating great eel Teriyaki / couldn’t stop me with a blade, feel/ F*ck with me get a buck 50 like the face of Seal…

5.Lady LeShurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.1 (2015)

Pain your heel like the back of your feet/ Can’t see you like the back of my teeth /And you can’t see me, I’m at the back with my team/These poppycock girls / have to delete

6. Eve- Satisfaction (2002)

Sometimes I feel bad (Most of the time I don’t), Cuz if I don’t protect my shit (Other n*ggas won’t), Some want me to neglect my sh*t (Take it for a joke?!), But I’m stayin’ on the grind (Never goin’ back to broke)..

7.Latasha Alcindor- Head Wraps (2016)

I’m deep rooted, all I know to spit is my politics/ Even if I make my ass clap it’s the politics…


8. Nyemiah Supreme- Clickin’ (2014)

Killed this fit, light a candle, we gon pop more rosé / and post pics for the b*tches that’s nosey!

9. Tink – Around The Clock (2015)

I get a kick outta doin business and livin life / You get a kick outta f*ckin b*thes with hella likes / We in a different state of mind / never heard the word declined/ all I think about is time / I need around the clock

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