KOTA The Friend is a musician and hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. His sound is mellow and endearing with a refreshing voice you have no choice but vibing to. On his new album Paloma Beach he features the legit Asher Roth amongst a few other amazing artists giving us 12 tracks of relatable mood music. His visuals really set him apart from many up and coming artists. They demand your attention playing with intriguing and simple scenery, really showcasing the aura of his sound and lyricism. 

“I make music because I love expressing myself through art.

How did you get your music/artist name?

KOTA was the name of the baby bear in the disney movie “Brother Bear”. The native American spelling is Coda and the name means friend. I liked the Japanese spelling KOTA which means Joy. So I just attached KOTA to the Native American meaning and became KOTA The Friend

What top 3 things do you need to get in the zone to create?
Cartoons, a good beat and solitude.

Earliest music memory?
Singing “I’m goin down” by Mary J Blige

Favorite city?

Favorite color?
Pastel yellow

Most prized record in your collection?
Kanye West – College dropout

What are your favorite studio snacks?
Orange juice and bagels

How does where you are from influence your sound?
I have an easily noticeable brooklyn accent and my flow is as New York as it gets.

What are some challenges you face building your vision?
Coming up with the money to make it a reality is the biggest challenge. The ideas are there but when you’re poor you’re automatically limited.

What are your pre-show rituals?
I wake early, bike 9 miles, “perform” my songs at a local park then go home and relax until its time to head out for sound check.

On a scale of 1-10, how normal are you?
I’d say I’m a 4

What does it mean to you, to be NEVER NORMAL?
It means never try to blend in. Be who you are and love yourself for it.

I have a way with words and my writing has always been unique. I feel that I have a responsibility to the world because I’ve been given this gift. Music is a spiritual thing and I pay close attention to what I put out into the Universe. I do it to spread positivity and inspire others, I also do it because it takes me places physically and mentally. I’m always learning about myself through my artistry. I’m always learning more about the world.

Watch KOTA’s latest visual where he spiels a smooth 16 over No Name Gypsy’s “Bye Bye Baby”