Suzi Analogue Drops POWERUP [Mix One]

Coming fresh off of a recent nationwide tour with electronic-pop duo SylvanEsso, producer/songwriter Suzi Analogue drops a new mini power mix entitled POWERUP [Mix One].

The 11 minute upbeat live mix zooms through musical genres  with an ease – a signature mark of Analogue’s sound, and even includes a live edit of an R&B classic, all made to dance to. The mix itself described by Analogue as: “Hi NRG Sound Mixed To Empower”.

Originally available for a complimentary download on 4.20 via her Bandcamp, POWERUP Mix One is now available for stream and  subscription download on Suzi Analogue’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Stay tuned for more from Suzi, and join her in NYC on 4.25 at Sonos Hq for a panel and workshop on music production and technology. Info below! 

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