Inside WAV.R00M Miami

Never Normal presented WAV.R00M, a pop-up installation of a hi-fi audio-visual listening cafe inspired by Japanese “kissaten” meeting music culture in Miami during Miami Art Week. WAV.R00M ran for 3 days inside of OTL Cafe in it’s 2nd floor gallery The Office MIA, found in the Miami Design District.

WAV.R00M kicked off a series of artist talks and workshops that was open to the public, exploring how artists and communities engage with sound and listening as an art form. Workshops included sessions with visual artists Mwanel Pierre-Louis, illustrator for DJ Khaled’s recent “No Brainer” release, recording artist TT the Artist, founder of Club Queen Records, Miami music culture author Jakob Katel of the historic Henry Stone Music – leading the Miami Soul movement, Lolo Reskin, co-founder of Sweat Records, and more moderated by selector Pam Jones.

Uniting hi-fi listening with music technology over the 3-day pop-up, WAV.R00M will featured listening sessions played from a high fidelity 2-channel vintage Klipsch soundsystem with curated playlists created by emerging artist communities including Fempower, Vinyl Social Club, as well as SUBPAC wearable audio sessions featuring a Bass Sound Bath Meditation played live by Chicago Footwork music producer DJ Earl and an audio/visual retrospective of runway show music from future forward bodywear fashion line CHROMAT – as a part of those sessions listeners were able to physically feel the frequencies of the music being played on their bodies while they listened along. There was also visual music stations powered by electronic musical instrument companies including synthesizer companies Critter & Guitari, MOOG and headphone designer AIAIAI situated around post-modern furniture by Luminaire.

Notable artist presentations at WAV.R00M installation included multidisciplinary Brooklyn artist RAFiA as well as the debut of a performance art piece by Suzi Analogue at the close of the weekend pop-up, with art direction by Kristabel Delgado. See inside of the WAV.R00M community through photos below, and stay tuned for future WAV.R00M events.

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