11 Never Normal Soundsystem Mix Shows You Must See

In 2022, Never Normal Soundsystem broadcasted a year of the most exciting artists & selectors live from Brooklyn on The Lot Radio.

The focus of the shows have been bringing Afro-diasporic beats from electronic music and beyond to the forefront of music culture.  Hosted & curated by Suzi Analogue alongside one of the most soaring selectors rising, COWBOYKILLER2001, you can now catch all recent shows from 2022 below.  And click here to get updates as soon as our new shows are available for replay. Catch the Never Normal Soundsystem Show each month live from NYC on The Lot Radio.

  1. No.Es.Si  & Naija Couture

2. Crisis Harp x COWBOYKILLER2001

3. Pierre-Louis x COWBOYKILLER2001

4. DJ Butchish x COWBOYKILLER2001

5. Anhkos, Crisis, Shadow Mosez


7. Christian Tokyo Heavee


9. Josue x COWBOYKILLER2001

10. Jelly x La Duni x COWBOYKILLER2001

11. Coral Kill & Naija Couture

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