Purp Unleashes Sonic Heatwave with Debut Single “Ride”

Today marks a seismic shift in the East Coast music landscape as Never Normal Records proudly presents the debut single “Ride” by the multifaceted powerhouse DJ & Producer, Purp. This release is not just a track; it’s a sonic vehicle, a beat-drenched journey through the mind of an artist repping the East Coast Club scene who refuses to be confined by genre boundaries.

About Purp: The Renaissance Wonder

Purp isn’t your typical artist; she’s a sonic alchemist, seamlessly blending East Coast club music with an undeniable flair. But that’s not where the story ends. Purp wears many hats with equal swag – a DJ, producer, vocalist, social worker, and yes, you read that right, a harpist. This ain’t your grandma’s harp, though; this is the harp turned up to eleven, dropping banging beats to shake your core.

“Ride” isn’t just a track; it’s a full-blown auditory joyride. From the moment you hit play, Purp takes you on a rollercoaster of beats, blending infectious rhythms with hypnotic vocals that’ll have you hitting repeat before the track even ends. The production is crisp, the vibe is undeniable, and Purp’s versatility shines through, proving she’s not just a player in the game – she’s ready to change it.

🎧  Where to Find “Ride”

“Ride” is out today and available on all major streaming platforms. Add it to your playlist, crank up the volume, and let Purp take you on a musical journey like no other.

🔗 Listen now: http://nevernormal.us/purpride

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