Never Normal Records Presents: ‘NNECESSARY’ In Brooklyn

Coming up in Brooklyn this September 8th, Never Normal Records Presents: NNECESSARY – An exploration into the sounds of necessary, up and coming artists/musicians/creatives ~ This is the first showcase of the series and the bill is STACKED. This art/sound exhibition will be featuring artwork from Xena Brar as well as live performances from:

Chip Skylark  

Formerly known as Akbar Shabazz , Chip Skylark is from Brooklyn new York and foreman of ECW Klan (a borough wide experimental rap crew). Working in a pool of digital dub, 808 and crafting sounds that go hand in hand with rap group sagas like Wu Tang Clan, except with a more millennial twist.

J Words 

J Words is a 21 year old Afro-Latina producer from Union City, NJ. She makes music to express her personal evolution, intending to send people into higher realms. She started rapping in a band when she was 17 years old and a couple months later decided to pick up piano and she’s been enthusiastically playing ever since. She’s a self taught producer + vocalist, whose sound is a mix of electronic hip hop & space pop.


New York City based rapper, 18 years old. 1/6 of Slums. “He’s a natural-born storyteller, whose laidback, matter-of-fact bars can at one moment capture the mundanely stressful minute your phone’s on one percent, and with a few words flip that into a gut-sinking moment where he contemplates using it to tell his mother he wishes she was home in the States.”


Maassai is a rapper/vocalist from Brooklyn, NY. With wordplay and a radical political stance, she aims to be confrontational, with the theory in mind that comfortability stagnates progress. Constantly aiming to push sonic boundaries, while keeping the music grounded in the facets of her experiences as a black woman, she calls her sound: experimental hip hop soul.

Sly Cooper 

Slyy Cooper hails from Southside Jamaica, Queens. Raised in southside! Funk, boogaloo and breakin are the pillars of his foundation, introduced to him at a young age from parents. His main influences are Busta, Lupe, Mos Def, James Brown, Kool and the gang, & Wu Tang !! His style represents that of a modernized 90’s hip hop culture

Jade Elliot

Jade Elliott is a rapper and performance artist. Her music involves themes of love, social consciousness and black existentialism. She lives in Brooklyn where she was born and promotes a refreshing look of the female rapper, believing rap shouldn’t perpetuate negativity between fellow women and make men the enemy, instead, strengthen female solidarity and provide a intimate feminine voice in rap devoid of ego. Her style is an evolved version of her poetry which she practiced as soon as she learned to write. Find out more at


DJ sets by Ted Kamal + Hosted by Amani Fela + Featuring artwork by Xena Brar

NNECCESSARY goes down in NYC 9.8.17 at The Glove, 7PM, All AGES, RSVP for Address (RSVP HERE   for address)

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