PRESS PLAY 008: Ted Kamal: Powerpuff Mix

This PRESS PLAY comes from TED KAMAL who will also be dropping sounds at our music + art show, NNECESSARY in Brooklyn this week. Enjoy the mix, and interview by Amani Fela.

Who are you, what do you do, where are you from?

I’m Ted Kamal, I’m from Harlem, and I do music.

What are you working on?

I’m working on a project with my own production and vocals.

What do you do outside of music?

A lot of things. 

Like what? 

I cook, I skate, but there’s not too many things I do out side of music. That’s the main thing. 

What do you use to make your beats? 

Well, right now I use Logic Pro X, I don’t use any samples. I just play out everything.

What does your older work sound like? 

Before this, I was doing a lot of boom bap, 90s hip hop, lo fi shit. That shit was cool. There’s nothing wrong with it but I think it can easily be done. There’s a format laid out for that. There’s no format to what I’m working on now, its whatever I’m inspired by in the moment. I’m not trying to do boom bap instrumentals anymore and I’m cutting back on samples because it’s not that profitable.

What are some of your financial goals?

I’m trying to use music as a springboard for other financial goals, but my financial goals for music is for it to just sustain my lifestyle at any given point in life.

Would you say it is sustaining your life now?

Definitely, to an extent. Not 100%, id say 40% out of all the money from shows and things like that. I eat off that for sure

What is the one thing you can’t make music without?

Aside from the essential equipment, i can’t make it wi/o some level of privacy or comfortability but not really because I’ve made some of my best stuff in public, i just have to be in the zone.

Do you eat a lot of meat?

I do, I eat lotta chicken

What starches do you f*ck wit?

Rice my nxgga, i fuck with rice.

And beans?

Yea, I fuck with rice and beans.

Who are some of your inspirations right now?

Lb, Uk Garage, Goldie, I fuck w a lot of UK music a lot of Drum and Bass, Grime, a lot of Garage.

Inspirations outside of music?

Painters, Basquiat obviously. i have a Basquiat shirt on right now. Not too much outside of music honestly. A majority of it comes out of music, and sports. Boxers, athletes, they my inspirations too. 

Favorite place in NYC?

Anytime I go to Harlem I’m pretty happy, cause I live in Brooklyn, I’m kinda tired of NY a lil bit I’m not gonna lie. I like going to Harlem but there’s nothing going on up there but gentrification so….. I actually don’t go over there as much. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Imma be everywhere that everybody’s not, and everywhere that everybody trine be and I see my music in video game soundtracks, movie soundtracks, just beyond solo music. But I see myself as someone who’s gonna be influential, ill just have music and production credits everywhere. Ill be the go to music person, Imma have Grammys probably. That’s just regular music goals sh*t.

Last words? 


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