PRESS PLAY 012 – Turkana: Onjima MIX

Dj/producer/artist Turkana, hailing from Kampala, Uganda rounds out our 12th edition of our PRESS PLAY mix series in 2020.

Dj/producer/artist Turkana rounds out our 12th edition of our PRESS PLAY mix series in 2020. Turkana, hailing in Kampala, Uganda by way of South Sudan took some time to share thoughts with Never Normal along with this fire mix that takes us all on a sonic adventure.

Never Normal first met Turkana while Suzi Analogue resided in Kampala during a Nyege Nyege residency. The artists shared many line-ups together and are now working on a special project with artists worldwide.

Get in tune with Turkana’s selects and press play on the mix and interview below!

Who are you?
My name is Anita Kevin, a deejay, producer and rapper. Started making music 2 years ago and it’s been magical. I plan on keep
creating more music and making the dance floor move.

How have you been lately?
I’ve been good, it’s been a blessing to have so much abundance coming towards me even in this crazy time. Feeling so good lately and happy.
I’m currently in residency with Nyege Nyege. It’s such a humbling moment for me to be in this space making music and expanding my knowledge about it. I have a lot of gratitude for having these opportunities to learn more about my art now.

What’s the one thing in the world you’re thinking the most about now?
My upcoming album, manifesting and opening myself to creating and how I can use this lockdown to keep myself inspired to create.

Where does your passion for music come from?
I have always been a music head, I think that’s why djing comes naturally. Also, the power of music fascinates me, it’s a way to share feelings, stories and it has a lot of influence on everyone… everyone listens to music. Continuing to learn about music production and the process of creating, is something I really enjoy, everybody should step in that space of creating any form of art.

What’s your new work like?
I can’t truly describe it now, it’s just a whole ass energy of putting all my feelings in what I’m creating. I have always been curious about how the system functions, I hate structures and systems, am exploring these feelings in sounds now. I am working on so many things that I can’t talk about in depth now but can’t wait to share when the time comes.

Are you a part of any collectives? Tell us more.
Yes, I am part of 4manysisters, a female deejay collective based in Kampala, Uganda. We work together and support each other in our careers. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we will be playing shows and working on collaborations as a collective. I’m also part of ANTI-MASS, a series of roving, riotous, art & music happenings based in Kampala, Uganda. Currently sustained by a collective of subversive artists & DJs, ANTI-MASS reclaims space for queers, femmes, artists and other minorities, while
exploring new potentials for sound & artistic expression in an increasingly regressive social climate.
I believe it’s important to hold space for women and queers. Everyone in these collectives has taught me so much in djing and
production. It’s like an exchange of knowledge and holding space for each other. I have become friends with most them, such a
blessing to be surrounded by great beings.
They have also taught me a lot about the power of community, there is a way that everyone shows up for one another… so magical.

Who inspires you?
I’m not particularly inspired by people but by the idea of purpose and serving others here on earth. I have learnt to simply be
present, explore all the magic that’s in me, and create in a most authentic way. I don’t want to be like someone else, I just want to be myself.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
Nature! I’m always searching for deeper things, nature does it for me.
Also like that I live close to most of my friends, we hang out and create.

Would you live anywhere else in the world? Where?
They are many places I want to visit, but I love where I live, Kampala is such a beauty.
Probably Juba, South Sudan. Sometimes I think of how I have so much work to do there. I think of how I can contribute to making it a better place, recently was watching a short documentary about how oil corruption in South Sudan has caused many to be refugees in camps in their own country, the levels of poverty and the people in power don’t even give a fuck. It’s a fucked situation.

What do you do when you’re not doing music?
I have a part time job in efficient energy but it’s not consistent. Before Covid-19 I was busy with my school projects at University
for science of oil and gas management, luckily, I managed to finish a few weeks prior the lockdowns.
I like to read a lot mostly spirituality books, workouts and meditations just to check in with myself and make sure am always
grounded and feeling good.
What do you want more than anything in the world?
There are many things I want to achieve truly, but what I want the most is to reconnect to my truest nature, honour myself, the
universe and my ancestors. To live with deeper consciousness of beings around me and awareness of how the world has been
designed with mostly patriarchy systems in place; and behavioural patterns that I have picked from the bullshit, eliminate them
and go back to my human nature.

What do the words Never Normal mean to you?
Freedom, I love freedom.
Also makes me think of the tales of black sheep, beings that break from world’s boxes and expectation and take on the challenge
of existing authentically.

Any last words?
I know these are hard, trying times for most for us, but everything is going to be okay. Let’s continue to be kind to each other but mostly to ourselves, just do little things that make you happy as an individual and
Fuck the system whenever you can.

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