Bringing us a fire mix from South Africa. DORMANTYOUTH drops our Never Normal PRESS PLAY 013; taking us on a wild ride or “chaotic” adventure as they call it in this high energy mix. They are someone we can’t wait to hear live when this pandemmy chills out.  They also shared some words on her world and we learned a lot about the sharp mind behind the decks.

Press play on the heat and get into the interview below!

Who are you?

My name is Thelma, but I go by DORMANTYOUTH when DJing/mixing/researching. I’m an architect & spatial researcher based in Johannesburg, South Africa. But most importantly I’m a massive fan. I just love loving talented people & consuming (their) art.

How have you been lately?
I’ve been whylin, mostly, haha. I’m in a pretty turbulent place personally, right now (emotionally & career-wise). I’ve recently been trying to come back to myself.
What’s the one thing in the world you’re thinking the most about now?
The honest answer to this is selfish & self-involved haha & also quite existential… I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing in life & my place in the communities I’ve inserted myself into. The ‘brand’ aligned answer however is I’ve been thinking a lot about processes of Making & ways of bringing concepts to life – trying to get myself back into design thinking &  being generally inspired again.
Where does your passion for music come from?
I always joke about stealing my whole personality & interests from my older brother but he really exposed me to a lot of the cultural things I lean into. Being the youngest of 3 everything I’ve ever owned has belonged to one of my siblings so they moulded what I was into during the formative years of my life. Because of my oldest brother I’ve always been in rooms where interesting music was playing & I think I passively picked up an instinctual bias for liking a particular sound. He was the king of burning CDs, please – anything that came out in the 2000s he’d have on a white CDR within the week. I’ve also got quite a compulsive & addictive personality so I’ve latched onto those sounds & have built from there.
Are you in any collectives? Tell us more.
I wouldn’t say I’m actively in any collectives but I’d love to shout out my local, RSA, faves & the people who I’ve grown from fangirling online to knowing & respecting on a personal level: Lilies Radio, SWAK Catalog, Pussy Party, Broaden A New Sound, The House of Quriosity, The Vogue Nights Jozi family, Roses Are Red, The Other Radio, all you nightcrawlers who are basically residents at bunker in newtown, Not Sorry Club, FRNGE’s Distorted Discord channel & everyone who shows up to my Virtual Bassmint Zoom parties.
An honourable mention to the collectives I admire from afar are: Until Until, 24six, WOKE, SheSaidSo & Kreative Korner.
What’s your new work been like?
I have personally moved on from my early DY days of doing concept/narrative focused mixes where I try telling a story through song selection to just vibing out & stitching music that sounds like it should be next to a specific one. I’ve essentially stopped overthinking, but rather I’m feeling & doing instead.
What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
That’s a bit tough to answer right now considering my existential disposition haha but I guess I’d say the creative spirit in South Africa right now is massive. From the music, to fashion, to building materials. The pandemic rocked our entire world but we all said we’ll try find some enjoyment. It puts a smile on my face when I sit down & actually deep it.
Tell us about one of your favorite memories at a party.
It has to be at Vogue Nights Jozi’s Ki Ki Ball before the pandemic – it happened in March, 2020, at The Third Place in Newtown. The energy & the atmosphere at the ball was unmatched, the vibes were off the charts. I think I may have fallen in love a couple times that night too. I think we were also introduced to the House of Ganoosh that night as well. I’d played one of my favourite live sets that night despite having been shattered from a midterm review/critique for my dissertation the day before. My friend Mariza (femme DJ based in Berlin) was leaving SA the next day & a few of us were celebrating her so it was just a lot of things happening that night. I’ll honestly never forget it. I think I went home early too haha that was very uncharacteristic of me. Sensory overload I guess. But best night of my life so far. The only thing that would’ve made that night even better was if I’d met SJay the Blonde & Likky Liks by then & went to that party with both of them.Would you live anywhere else in the world? Where?
I used to have my heart set on Scotland for some odd reason but I honestly have no idea right now. I feel anxious about emigrating honestly, but I’m not opposed to visiting places for an extended period of time. Those places would include the entire east coast in the US, Manchester or London in Europe & Ghana in Africa.
What do you do when you’re not doing music?
I’m a spatial researcher & qualified architect.
What do the words Never Normal mean to you?
To me they feel like they aim to celebrate the odd, obscure & unconventional; to add a positive connotation to the words ‘different’ or ‘other’.
Any last words?
I honestly feel so accomplished for having been asked to do this haha this is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me!  got me out here grinning teeth