Never Normal Drops KHX05’s Drum & Bass Anthem “On The Run” for Pride 2023

In a beautiful collision of beats and identity, Never Normal Records shares the sonic force of KHX05 with the release of the blistering drum & bass single, “On The Run.” This track isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration, a celebration, and a testament to the unapologetic existence of Black trans-femme brilliance in the tumultuous landscape of 2023.

Liberation in Every Beat: “On The Run”

This self-produced masterpiece obliterates boundaries. “On The Run” stands tall as a powerful affirmation of liberation and freedom, a musical proclamation echoing the struggles and triumphs of KHX05’s journey as a person and artist. The swift beats intertwine with deeply personal lyrics, weaving a narrative that encapsulates the spirit of resilience and rebellion against the political turbulence of today.

KHX05 on “On The Run”
“Creating ‘On The Run’ was about more than just making music. It’s a sonic rebellion, an ode to my existence as a Black trans-femme person navigating the chaos of 2023. This track is a celebration of all the beautiful, unapologetic souls on the run for their dreams, their freedom, and their truth.”

“On The Run” is now available on all major music platforms, including Apple Music and Bandcamp. Tune in, turn up, and let the rhythm of KHX05 push you through.

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